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All nestboxes are available either assembled or in kit form. For most boxes a further choice is available in the degree of protection provided against chewing. More details about the four options are provided below. All available options are listed on the Nestbox prices page.

Kit (standard)

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Standard nestboxes in kit form. All utilise 12mm and 15mm construction-grade ply, metal ladders and are pre-drilled, pre-cut and prepared ready for assembling with screws. All materials and instructions supplied. Includes a double mounting that removes any contact between the box and the tree.

The kit illustrated is for a Rosella box.


Kit (long-life) A standard kit with the addition of a metal plate which covers the lid and drops down over the sides of the box, plus a polycarbonate ring to reinforce the entrance against chewing. Mounting bolts are galvanised (as against zinc-plated in a Standard kit).

Assembled (standard)

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A standard box, assembled and painted with 2 coats of exterior paint.

The box illustrated is a Possum box.


Assembled (long-life) A standard box, fitted out with the protection described above, assembled and painted with 2 coats of exterior paint. Long-life boxes are recommended for use on public lands.



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