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There is still no accepted batbox design for Australian bats.  We currently offer the two designs listed below for those wishing to try to do something positive for microbats.  We are happy to discuss other options.

Refer also to our Stories section for more information on batboxes.

When siting batboxes, consider the following.

*  Quantities of bat roosts work better than single, isolated roosts.
*  Bat roosts clustered together (25-50m spacing) work better than roosts spread out.
*  Uncluttered entrances work better than cluttered entrances.
*  The higher the better.

600x400 - 1 compartment

The internal space available to the bats is 460H x 335W x 30D.  There is a horizontal ventilation slot part-way up the front face.  

This design is very loosely based on the 10 essential batbox requirements specified by Bat Conservation International (refer http://www.batcon.org/pdfs/bathouses/bathousecriteria.pdf.  The differences between this design and their criteria are a response to Australian conditions.



Photo still to come, but basically a wider version of the one below and including a ventilation slot. 

600x300 - 1 compartment

The internal space available to the bats is 465H x 220W x 30D. 


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