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Pale-headed rosella nestbox

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Rosellas are medium-sized parrots which can produce large clutches (four is not uncommon), and our Rosella box is designed to accomodate a large clutch.

Rosellas will sometimes use the smaller Lorikeet box, but most can spend weeks inspecting one without ever using it. For those rosellas that do use the smaller box, mortality of chicks can be high.

Rosellas are not aggressive birds and tend to lose out when conflict occurs. Lorikeets in particular will take over a box from rosellas, especially if it is near other parrot breeding sites.

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This means that boxes for rosellas are best placed on their own, away from other parrot breeding sites. Isolated boxes in parks and reserves are often difficult to support because of the effort in monitoring for usage by pests. It may even come to pass that, in some localities, most rosellas will end up breeding in backyard nestboxes. Thankfully, rosellas are one of the easiest birds to attract to a backyard box.

The breeding season extends from September to January, and they may make several attempts during a season.

Rosellas are secretive during breeding. When she is sitting the male will sometimes visit only a few times during the day. He whistles her out of the box and they fly away some distance to where he will feed her. Towards the end of the breeding period the young will sometimes come to the entrance and wait for food.

Refer also our belief that rosellas can smell and that this could explain why rosellas will not breed in some boxes.


The sketch shows the dimensions which we have found to be most suitable for rosellas.

These are probably the best, general-purpose dimensions for a nestbox, having been used by rosellas, cockatiels, lorikeets, boobook owls, dollar birds and brushtail and ringtail possums.

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