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Boobook owl nestbox

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The boobook owl is the only owl that we have had the opportunity to work with, and it is doubtless the easiest to cater for.

We have had boobooks use a range of nestbox shapes and sizes - including a drum design illustrated in the photo. While they will use a small box (such as our Rosella box), this can make lice more of a problem than usual.

The box offered here is an alternative to the drum design and is a standard, vertical ply box.  This one is the largest vertical design that we offer.   It is also the most suitable for dollar birds and would probably be used by rosellas as well.

There seems little doubt that boobook numbers in urban areas are limited by the availability of nest hollows. All of the nesting attempts that we have come across have been in parks or reserves, often near a waterway.  Therefore, while boobooks will readily roost in a backyard environment, we are unable to say whether they would breed in a backyard box.

As with dollar birds, boobooks appear to have no particular preference as regards shape of box.  

Recommended dimensions are shown in the sketch adjacent. 


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